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  Threaded Ink X  Dear Stranger  

Welcome to my website where a blog meets sustainable clothing. 

My website was originally created for a safe place to vent on my "Dear Stranger" blog. I write quite a bit and knew I would start a blog some day, but I wanted to allow others to be able to contribute, as well. I started this blog as a way for everyone to have a safe place to vent anonymously, without worrying about who will see it. I also loved the idea that anyone can read a stranger's words and relate, or even see their story from a different perspective. We don't need to feel alone with our thoughts, so why hide them?

My online clothing shop "Threaded Ink" is my second passion I share here. I specialize in creating one of a kind sustainable clothing. So, what exactly does that mean? While I wish I was more artistic than I actually am, I leave that to the professionals and collaborate with artists, mostly around Utah, to create collections that highlight their personal style and talent. 

These designs are then created and transferred to t-shirts and hoodies from Everywhere Apparel, a company that prioritizes sustainability to a new level. They are using 100% recycled cotton, and with every order are saving thousands of gallons of water, reducing carbon emissions, and reducing landfill waste. 

My mission is sustainability, but also to give artists a unique space to create and get their work in front of the public eye. 

Thank you for following along!

xx - Tara


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