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About Me

Hello, hello! My name is Tara Moser. I was born and somewhat raised in Bakersfield, California, while a few of my youth years were spent in Park City, Utah. I moved out to Utah by myself  when I was 13 years old to do aerial ski jumping. For those of you that don't know what aerial ski jumping is, it's basically flips on skis. I was a retired gymnast of 8 years, due to an elbow injury and found aerials through a USA gymnastics ad on Facebook. I lived with teammates and trained during the day, while doing my schooling online. After a few years, I decided aerials wasn't for me long-term and finished high school in my hometown at Liberty High School. 

After I graduated, I moved back to Utah, bounced around a bit, and now live in Salt Lake City doing a wide array of odd jobs, as well as running my website :) If you'd like to know me on a more personal level, you can sign up for my monthly mailing list below! I go more in depth about what's going on with the blog/shop, my life and travels in general, and I like to do quotes and things like that, as well :)


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