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Welcome to my blog!
This is where you can find what I call "Dear Stranger" letters that have been submitted anonymously, as well as my Threads of the Day, featuring outfits that grabbed my attention, I wanted to share with you.
I believe the best way to vent is to get all of your emotions out one way or another. For some people that can be painting, sports, etc. For me it's journaling and fashion. I know how much journaling helps me, but I wanted to create a space that helped others, as well. I realized that there are so many people that feel alone in their thoughts, and shouldn't have to. My "Dear Stranger" entries are all submitted anonymously so you don't have to worry about any judgement or who might see it. 


The way an aesthetic outfit can completely shift my mood is probably unhealthy.

I've missed throwing these together more than I realized, so be prepared for many more to come. It's summer time, which can be so fun for your outfits, but also tricky sometimes.

I notice myself wearing shorts and a tank top quite often because, well it's hot, and then I start to get bored with my outfits. There's nothing wrong with a pair of shorts with a tank top, it's just how you put them together with accessories that make it an outfit.

Jewelry, bags, hair, fun shoes...they all play a bigger part than the basic pieces you throw on first.

I did get really excited when I saw this skirt, though. Something to spice up the fit even more. You can go for a basic tee like in the picture with the skirt, or bump it up a notch with a top with a little more attention, like the bows on the shoulders.

Anywho, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and click the inspo link below!🖤

Threads of the Day


It's been a while since our last threads made their appearance.

I was having a hard time finding a surplus of items on Amazon that promote sustainability. I think they're slowly finding their groove with new businesses promoting more sustainable clothing, but there isn't enough stuff I vibe with enough to turn it into an outfit inspo every day.

I have to admit, Pinterest still has my heart🖤

On that note I do miss doing these, so I'm going to make it a habit again, but my posts from Pinterest will be purely inspo posts. No affiliate links. Just purely for my own enjoyment.

My posts from Amazon with my affialte links will remain separate from my Threads of the Day for now.

I can still link these items to Pinterest for you. The thing with Pinterest is sometimes the link will actually take to the store that is selling it and other links are simply taking you to a picture of an item that isn't for sale🤷‍♀️


Threads of the Day


My favorite sustainable brand I've come across so far for your basics.

Rare/self is a brand on Amazon that is part of the Climate Pledge Friendly movement and has perfected sustainable streetwear in my opinion. These are your simple go to staples, but they intrigue the eye by using interesting stitches and shapes.

Below is more info from their Amazon Store.

I am so excited to try some of their products and share them with you. Rare/self does carry the items above in other colors, as well, that would be worth checking out. I am just a sucker for the distressed grey/black color they seem to love, too.

Until next time🖤

Shop rare/self

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