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Dear Stranger

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dear Stranger,

We didn’t know each other long and maybe that’s why you’re my ‘what if’ of the summer. I can’t blame you for ghosting me but I did like you. I also feel guilty so you should know that I only started talking to you out of my desire for male validation. You were different from the rest though - conversations with you weren’t forced and you really are funny. I guess it was just poor timing that I was leaving for the summer and I probably should have said that I wasn’t looking to get into a relationship because I’d recently had one end. I truly liked hanging out with you though and being invited to hang with your friends was really nice.

I also couldn’t figure you out because you never made a move other than us falling asleep in the back of your car. . . Either way you’re my what if for if I had stayed instead of leaving. Even if we weren’t meant to be more than friends - I would have liked to gain another friend. But since being ghosted I feel we must just be strangers who view each other’s instagram stories now and that’s okay. I still think about you though, so if by chance you read this and feel a premonition to send me a message I wouldn’t be opposed to that. . . otherwise I guess I’ll just hope to maybe see you around in the future.

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