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Dear Stranger

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dear Stranger,

I think I see ghosts, and I don’t know how to explain this to people without sounding absolutely crazy. I was around 4 when the first weird occurrence happened, but I was so young that everything felt weird yet normal at the same time. I went to the Hotel Del Coronado, which is already notorious for being haunted. My parents were checking in at the front desk and I had wandered off. I remember looking back at the desk, and freaking out because my parents weren’t there anymore. I was about to start crying when a couple walked up to me probably in their 30’s and somehow already knew what was going on. They told me they were friends of my parents and would take me back to them. They took me to the gift shop down the hall, and sure enough, there they were. When my parents asked me where I went, I turned around to tell them their friends brought me back, but no one was there.

Now, is it possible that they saw my parents go from the desk to the gift shop, and told me they were their friends so I wouldn’t be scared? Yes. I’ve thought of every way this could’ve been a normal occurrence, but it didn’t feel normal at all. I still remember the odd feeling of the whole situation, years later.

Yesterday I realized there was another weird scenario that I overlooked when I was young. When I was 11, I broke my elbow and was at the doctor’s office.

They told me my mom couldn’t go back with me to have X-rays, so I had to go alone. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized it was strange that there was a little girl, probably about 8 years old, in there with both of her parents. Why would she have both of her parents, but I couldn’t even have my mom wait in there with me? I remember sitting there and they asked what I did to my arm. I told them I fell off the beam at gymnastics, and they told me their daughter broke her arm falling off their bunk bed at home. It wasn’t that weird, until one of the parents asked if I knew how soon I would have to have surgery. I had a little panic attack because I thought I would just have a cast put on and I’d be good to go. The other parent proceeded to smack them and whisper, “she doesn’t know she has to have surgery yet.” I thought maybe they were wrong, and just assumed I did the same thing as their daughter, but they were right. I ended up having surgery, and I wondered how this random family knew that.

I wouldn’t say this is a medium type of situation. I never have a message for anyone, but it seems that the message is for me. I believe they’re just guardian angels in a way. Taking me back to my parents and warning me about my future, if that makes sense.

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