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Dear Stranger

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dear Stranger, I just wanted to say thank you and I’m sorry for questioning you. I was upset you hadn’t visited me lately, and then just like that, you were there. I almost didn’t realize it, because there was so much happening in the dream. You were there though, listening and watching me do my thing from a distance. In my dream you were taking the trash out while I was having an argument with someone else. It didn’t seem like anything too significant, but I think it said more than I realized at first. I think it was your way of saying you’re still there. You’re still watching quietly from a distance, through the good and the ugly. You don’t interfere, but you’re there.

It’s funny though, because as soon as I saw you walking behind me I tried to control my swearing. If that was your way of telling me to watch it, I’m sorry. I’ll work on it.

Yesterday I typed out the words, “Dear Stranger, why haven’t you visited me lately?” When I was younger and you had just passed, you were in my dreams all the time. I really did feel like this was your way of communicating. The dreams I’d have about you were always different than the rest. When I remembered that you had been in my dream this morning, I broke down for a second, but I think it was because I was in shock more than anything else.

You don’t feel so far away anymore. Thank you.

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