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Dear Stranger

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dear Stranger,

I’m done. I have put up with you for so many years, and for what? I can’t say that the good memories outweigh the bad. There are so many bad memories that sit heavy on my heart, due to the hateful words you’ve said to me. The manipulation, the games, and the way you only do things for attention has become exhausting to defend. That’s what I always thought you were supposed to do for your friends. Defend them even when they’re wrong, because you love them. So I did. I defended you over and over for years, and look where it got me. 20 years old, finally realizing I shouldn’t put up with your behavior anymore. At some point I can’t just let you walk all over people like that, especially not me. Even in times where I have defended you, I’ve caught the heat for not defending you the way you wanted me to. Somehow it’s my fault you put yourself in situations where you look bad. Somehow it’s my fault that you can’t control your temper.

The only thing that has kept me in this friendship over the years, is the fact I have known you for so long. The funny thing though, is I can’t even justify that you’ve been there for me through the tough times. You were around, but you weren’t there. You didn’t help me through my darkest times, you just know about them. You’ve sat on the sidelines of my life, just long enough to still be around, but that doesn’t make you a good friend. A good friend doesn’t do something hurtful, and then play the victim. A good friend doesn’t give half ass apologies when they know they’re in the wrong. That’s the best part though. You can never be wrong. One of the biggest things I have had to defend about you. “She’s just really hard headed, she’s not trying to be rude.” No you’re kind of just a bitch sometimes, but heaven forbid I bring it to your attention. Then I would feel the heat of your flames, and how is that fair to me?

I have friends who truly want to see me flourish and love me unconditionally. They don’t just love me on the days I tell them what they want to hear. They love me and always support me. I can’t say you’ve done the same for me. You’re petty and only care when we’re on good terms, and I’m so tired of the drama. We’re not in high school anymore, so for the sake of everyone around you, I hope you have a wake up call and realize what it means to be a decent friend and grow the hell up. I’m sorry this is so aggressive, but I know nothing will change if I accept another half ass apology. I think you need to lose me to realize the way you treat people has a bigger impact than you think. It’s time you take some accountability for your actions, and if that means you hate me or talk bad on my name, so be it. I’m tired and I’m done.

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