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Dear Stranger

There’s a piece of me I didn’t know still needed healing until a few days ago. Seeing you unlocked something that has been buried for about a year now, and it wasn't until that moment that I realized that I needed to face all of the negative subconscious thoughts that I've been harboring towards myself. It's time to correct them so I can really move on.

The moment you wrapped your arms around me and held on for what seemed like forever, you unlocked something deep inside of me that startled me. I held it together for the couple minutes I stood before you chatting about being back in town, but I caught myself tearing up the moment I walked away.

Nerves rushed through me and were met with relief and comfort from how tightly you hugged me. I don’t know why part of me was terrified of how you’d react when you saw me again. You were always so supportive of my decisions, but I think a part of me was so hard on myself for feeling like disappointing you. You were such a motherly figure for me and inspired me to work hard and be an amazing person while striving for the best.

I do think everything works out for a reason, and although our time together was cut short, you taught me so many values just by being you. I never wanted to disappoint you, so I think that’s why I was so thrown by seeing you. I didn’t know that part of me still needed healing up until the moment I walked away.

I’m thankful for you always. Thank you for treating me as your own and making me feel loved unconditionally.

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