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Dear Stranger

“Dear Stranger,

I am sorry. I didn’t realize that what happened that night hurt you more than it hurt me. While I was wrapped up in my own feelings, I neglected to even see if you were okay. I made it seem like you betrayed me. Your actions hurt me. What I failed to see is that what happened that night actually had nothing to do with me. I was merely a bystander trying to find a way to place blame, because you made me uncomfortable. I was selfish, and because your actions were not approved by me, I made you the villain. This isn’t the first time I’ve made you feel this way, either.

But, you do not belong to me, nor should you ever have to feel like a burden on my behalf. If you choose to do something out of character, I can only pick up the pieces once the damage is done. I know you already felt guilty about that night, as it is, and as your friend, it wasn’t my place to stack more weight on top of you. I should’ve tried to relieve some of your pain. I don’t know the exact definition of friend, but I now realize why you took that title away from me.

We no longer talk, and it took me way too long to try to understand all this from your side. I need to tell you that I’m sorry, and I hope you’re okay, but it feels cliche and cold. It feels like it won’t change anything, and I know it won’t, but you do deserve an apology.”

Above is an accumulation of things you could’ve said, and what I wish you would've said, but you probably never will.

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