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Dear Stranger

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dear Stranger,

I’m writing collectively to the people who fucked my mental health and left me friendless at my lowest point. I don’t think any of you realize the extent of the negative impact you’ve had in my life but you have all truly tainted the perception I have of friendships. I considered you all my best friends at one point but y’all decided to flush my existence away. I struggled to feel connected after moving away for college and whenever I came back you made it feel like I was unwelcome. I stopped showing my face because I felt unwanted and I knew I deserved better friendships. I came to face all of you to explain the harsh reality of our ‘friendship’ and half of you gaslighted me to make it seem like my fault that you were shitty friends. The other half pretended to care for a week before ghosting me once again and making my irrelevance clear.

I’m glad to see all of your lives are going great but I genuinely don’t have any kindness left for any of you. I cried every other day for months because of you and was quite literally the loneliest I have ever been. I’m glad I’ve moved on though and realized that there are much better people in the world and people who want to maintain strong, kind, and receptive friendships. Even though we were once close friends, I’m glad to have lost you.

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