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Dear Stranger

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dear Stranger,

I know you don’t feel like now is the right time, but have you thought about what you could miss out on because it was the “wrong” time? I don’t think you’ve really put this all in perspective, so let me.

All of those things you would love to teach me, show me, do with me “one

day”...those are all going to disappear. And do you want to know why? Because someone else is going to do them first. You want to teach me new things, well you’re not the only one. Someone else will get to that first. You want to show me your favorite places, someone else will show me them first. You want to watch a movie with me, well someone else will watch it with me first, because you lost the chance. And if by chance you were to come back “when the time is right” one of two things will happen. The first possibility is it will be too late. You won’t get me back. So please explain to me how THAT will be the “right time.” The other possibility is say I do still want you. Say somehow you’ve come back into my life and I don’t hold the grudge against you I know I should. Nothing will ever be the same for us. All of those things you try to teach me, show me, do with me...they’ll just remind me of someone else. It’s just going to hurt me to think about the things I wish we had done together.

I don’t want someone cooler, younger, better to do the things we could be doing, don’t you get that? Wrong timing is just an excuse for people who are scared. You can come up with every excuse possible, but I know why it doesn’t feel like the right time. You think one day expressing your feelings won’t be scary anymore. I’m sorry but that’s just now how it works. The things that could change your life for the better should be scary. You preach about having no regrets. Don’t start with me.

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