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Dear Stranger

A couple weeks ago I was struggling with who I was. I wasn’t feeling “myself” and I had no idea why. Usually when that has happened before in the past I can pinpoint what exactly happened to make me feel off and I can fix it. But this time, zip. I had no clue. So I did the only thing I could think of, I went and talked to someone about it. It wasn’t my family, it wasn’t my friends, I needed someone on the outside, who wasn’t really “a part” of my life so to say, I felt like that way I’d get the best advice and it wouldn’t be biased or anything. I ended up talking with my bishop in my church. I went into the meeting not really knowing how to word things or what to say. Eventually we got everything I had to say out there and then we began to figure out what was behind my feeling this way. Well, turns out for those of you who don’t know, during all this I was taking a dental class at mtech. I thought I was supposed to be doing this. This was what me and my parents talked about for what I would go into after high school. Well, at the end of the conversation with my bishop, we both felt together that this dental class was part of the problem as to why I wasn’t feeling myself. And we both felt really good about that decision and that feeling. So I ended up dropping my dental class later that week and I've never felt more like me :)

Don’t be afraid to go talk to someone. It’s not bad to need help, to need guidance and direction in your life. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing with someone close to you or someone who is “in your life” find someone who’s not, like I did. It really helps and works wonders once you’re able to get your emotions, out from your head and into the universe. We aren’t meant to hold all our thoughts and emotions inside us. We will seriously explode because that is just too much for us to hold all by ourselves. Give your thoughts and feelings to the world, talk to someone, rant to someone, write in your journal, draw pictures of how you’re feeling, but please please don’t force yourself to keep it all in. Humans aren’t built to handle so much stress all alone. :)

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