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Dear Stranger

As I enter the fall season, I feel so many emotions run through me. I absolutely love fall. I love the weather, the change of pace, the decorations, curling up on the couch to watch Halloween movies, everything.

I also feel nervous, though. For some reason it seems like I always go through my harshest challenges around the end of October. I know that if you look for the bad, you’re going to notice it more, but I’m talking about major issues and breakdowns happening around this time. In recent years, these issues have mainly revolved around relationships.

I’ve read a bit into seasonal depression and considered this as a possibility, but again, I don’t become upset and have these breakdowns until after some sort of big event happens. Is this all coincidental? Very possible, but I can’t help but worry about what’s going to happen these next couple months.

As for you, please be patient with me, while I deal with the stress of “what if?” I don’t want to be discarded or feel like I have been tricked into thinking someone cared about me again. I just want to continue feeling wanted, as I recently have from you. So please, be patient if I hold you a little too tight, or stay a little too long, or just seem off on some days. I am just trying to be stronger than my superstitious mind.

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