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Oh so she’s a fashion blogger now?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Allow me to save you hours of scrolling on Pinterest for your daily outfit inspo.

As this is my first fashion forward post, I wanted to first note that my style changes day to day, but at my core, what you see above will always be along the lines of what I'm drawn to.

Classic, chic, and timeless.

But, I do live in Utah, not New York City, and sometimes you have to be practical. In the past, I've struggled with my style when the winter months hit, because it's kind of hard to feel fashionable in a winter coat and boots. With that being my biggest struggle within my relationship with clothes, I'm here to broaden my horizons with fashion in every season, not just the pleasurable ones.

I also think this is creating a healthy relationship with clothes, in the sense I can appreciate them and put them somewhere to be recognized, without buying them. So if you also have a shopping addiction, this may be the space for you.

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