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Resolutions/Goals for 2022

Happy Sunday! I recently reached out to you guys on my social media asking what you’d like for me to talk about in my T Talks. One request I thought I should address while we’re still somewhat fresh into the new year, is what my resolutions/goals are, if I have any.

Resolutions are a hard thing for me to fully justify. I don’t like the idea of trying to tackle all of those things you’ve been putting off all at once, just because we feel like we have to have resolutions for the new year. In my opinion, this is why people rarely stick to their resolutions. Rather than trying to address one thing at a time, they try to completely shift how they live their day to day lives by adding in too many things at once, leaving themselves overwhelmed.

I do think something good can come from them, as well, though. I do like the idea of re-evaluating at the end of each year, recognizing what you accomplished, and putting together a game plan for the next year. So, for me, I like the idea of setting goals, without the pressure of doing them all right away, the way “resolutions” might make one feel.

So, let’s get into my goals for the year. As always, traveling is on my list of goals, and I will admit last year we did pretty good, so it may be hard to beat. Weekend trips ALL over California, Hawaii, Nashville, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon. It was a good year.

When I moved back to Utah in August I had this idea that I would work and save money for a year or so, that way I could travel for a couple years before I’m 25. That was the rough timeline. While I'm still working and saving money that goes into my travel fund weekly, it’s definitely not on the timeline I would have hoped for. This is for a few reasons. For one, when my friend asks me if I want to go to Oregon, I go to Oregon. Secondly, the more I learn about selling clothes and building a business, the more I want to put into it. The reality of building an online business and then being gone for two years just isn’t practical.

I’m also reminded every time I travel that this isn’t something I just want to cross off a list. Traveling is something I want to be able to do, while I’m trying to make something of myself. Not one, and then the other. There needs to be a balance. So….new plan. Or new goal, you could say. Work, save money (even if it’s less than we had initially wanted), work on building a business, and travel when we can. This is with the intention of eventually just focusing on my business and traveling.

Now, let’s get into my goals for my website. I feel like my Blog is in a place I’m content with at the moment. I know in the future I will probably adjust a few things, but I really like where we’re at with Dear Stranger and T Talks. The only thing I need to work on is engagement, which comes with the rest of my goals. This year, I mainly will be focusing on launching Threaded Ink and growing a following, so I can successfully sell unique apparel on my website. I’m currently in the process of learning how to embroider clothes, gathering the best materials, and uploading items to the site. I definitely underestimated this step, but it does make me even more pumped to actually show you guys the end result, because they mean even more to me.

Next step is creating a separate social media for my website, which will be happening right before the first release of clothes on the site. Utilizing Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, etc. will be key. I know I have the support of friends and family, but growing my social media beyond that is extremely important for the future of Threaded Ink and my blog.

So yeah, of course there’s little things I will also be prioritizing this year, but those are my main focuses for the year. It absolutely terrifies me to share my goals, because I know that they can change at any moment, but that's part of being young, and figuring out what the hell is best for you. Thanks for listening and supporting my page ;) I’ll keep you all updated every step of the way!

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