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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The weekend is hereeeeee! This one's for my babes going out tonight, and I have a few quick tips to share.

Number one. Shoes are important. I find a lot of people opt for sneakers when they go to the bars in case they get stepped on or simply because they'll be walking from bar to bar and want something comfortable, but then they're dressing down a great outfit that could've been done more justice.

The boots shown above are similar to my everyday black boots I own. They're sturdy enough to walk around in for long periods of time, you won't be phased if you get stepped on, and you can clean them off if you need to.

Number two. Staying warm enough without having to shed layers. It's always a challenge finding the perfect outfit that you won't freeze in while you're outside, while also not dying of a heat stroke once you're inside somewhere. The cold months also tend to limit people to wearing pants, but I found a solution that allows me to wear skirts and dresses year round.

A regular pair of sheer tights won't do much for the sake of staying warm, but they are so cute to have layered under an outfit. I bought a pair of fleece lined tights that give the visual effect of your skin underneath and look just like the tights above. They're arguably warmer than jeans, and they're so fun to mix and match with outfits in the winter months.

Number three. Purses. I personally don't ever use a purse. My wallet just has a little wrist band and clip for my keys, so everything stays together on my wrist and I can keep tabs on it all night. If you're going somewhere a little more upscale, though, and would like to have a purse, I'd opt for a cross body bag that stays close to your body and has a clasp/zipper that keeps it closed. This way your bag is safe. Not just from the people around you, but also from being left on a table somewhere.

Lastly, if you have a leather jacket, go for the leather jacket. I get so many compliments when I wear one, and it's a good in between jacket when going from the cold to a warm room.

Happy Weekend!

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