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Here we go. Links are up! I was originally given the advice of linking my Threads of the Day items to an amazon storefront, and I may switch over to that in the future if it makes sense to do so, but if I'm being honest... linking to a direct shop is so much easier.

Anyways, a few things to note while you're here. First things first. These are still Threads of the Day. They are still INSPOS. Most of the brands I'm going to be linking are on the pricier side. I don't want to send you to a sketchy website I've never ordered from before that may have unethical practices just for the sake of budget.

I do understand not wanting to break the bank, though, so here's what you can do. Either save the photo to your own vision board and look at thrift stores for similar, but cheaper options, or you can find similar items on Pinterest. This is one of the other reasons I want to stay within Pinterest, rather than go through Amazon. The beauty of Pinterest is you can hold down on something you love and an icon that shows a little box with a magnifying glass will pop up. Click on that button, and you will be redirected to other items that look very similar to your inspo pic. This is arguably your quickest, easiest bet to finding a cheaper option.

I can't vouch for the quality, ethics, or timeliness behind these brands, but the option is there in case you're wondering why I'm typically linking pricier products.

Happy shopping peeps!

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