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The way an aesthetic outfit can completely shift my mood is probably unhealthy.

I've missed throwing these together more than I realized, so be prepared for many more to come. It's summer time, which can be so fun for your outfits, but also tricky sometimes.

I notice myself wearing shorts and a tank top quite often because, well it's hot, and then I start to get bored with my outfits. There's nothing wrong with a pair of shorts with a tank top, it's just how you put them together with accessories that make it an outfit.

Jewelry, bags, hair, fun shoes...they all play a bigger part than the basic pieces you throw on first.

I did get really excited when I saw this skirt, though. Something to spice up the fit even more. You can go for a basic tee like in the picture with the skirt, or bump it up a notch with a top with a little more attention, like the bows on the shoulders.

Anywho, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and click the inspo link below!🖤

Threads of the Day

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