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Threads of the Day - We Made an Amazon Storefront!

Well that didn't last long...we officially have an Amazon Storefront!

My main hesitation with an Amazon Storefront was that I was under the impression I had to go through the entire process of starting an Amazon Business, which is a much heftier commitment than just the storefront. The reason I was confused was because the storefront is actually through their influencer program, rather than the business program.


Anyways I did a little digging, and while I do still keep Pinterest close to my heart, Amazon has exceeded my expectations to say the least. Maybe I'm a little out of touch, but there are so many things within Amazon I didn't even know you could do... try before you buy, which is basically like StitchFix where you order clothes, send back what you don't like, and they only charge you for what you keep.

I've already sent in my first order and couldn't think of a better way to try clothes from Amazon that I'm showing in my Threads of the Day, because I genuinely want you to be able to order something I personally know is worth it.

I will also be looking at reviews of clothes and making sure nothing seems sketchy, but you can also check out the reviews when you click the links up above on each picture.

This feels like a huge game changer for my Threads of the Day and I'm so excited to share some fun new things🖤

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